Fabric Care and Usage information

Holly Fox-Lee

Fabric Care and Usage information

Colour Matching


All of our bespoke fabrics are designed carefully to ensure colours are translated accurately throughout all printing methods; of course it is not always possible to obtain an exact colour match. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that colours correspond to our samples, slight variations may occur. 


Colour fastness and Usage


We are proud to supply our fabrics to a wide range of people; our bespoke prints have been used for soft furnishings, tableware and clothing amongst others.


We are environmentally aware and always strive to create beautiful fabrics with minimal waste.  Using a variety of printing methods ensures that the finished product has all the vibrancy and intricacies of our original artworks and creates the least impact on the environment.


Where using our digitally printed or screen printed fabrics for curtains and blinds, we suggest using the appropriate lining and interlining as UV light can have an affect on the colour of fabrics.




We are delighted to be able to offer some specialist options if you intend to use our fabric for a project which involves furnishing, whether in public areas or at home.


You may be aware that there are seperate guidelines on Fire or Flame Retardant fabrics within the UK. For those professionally designing for Hospitality, Healthcare, Office, Residential or other Public Spaces this Contract FR fabric from our supplier will meet Fire & Safety regulations.


Here are some of the fabrics we can offer -


IFR Contract Satin ( Rating –M1,B1)  230gsm  140cms 


IFR Contract Panama (Rating – B1, BS5867 PART 2B &2C) 240gsm 145cms


FR Contract Organza (Rating BS5852 PART 2C) 50gsm 145cms


FR Contract Voile (Rating M1, EN13773, BS5867 Part C) 70gsm  140cms


You may now request a sample of Wild Eider (Blue) or Wild Eider (Sage) in these new Contract FR fabrics. For larger orders of these fabrics please allow an extra 3-5 days for delivery.



Dry cleaning is recommended for our fabrics. Shrinkage can be up to 10% on most fabrics, however it is not a precise science and it is possible that shrinkage can vary from one batch to another.  


Please refer to individual listed fabric information for weight and washing instructions. For further information on usage please see our page entitled Terms, Conditions + Additional Information.




Faulty Goods


Once you receive them, fabrics should be carefully inspected prior to cutting. Whilst every effort is made to inspect each order, errors can be made and damage or creasing may occur in transit. Therefore it is essential that no length be cut until you are satisfied with the fabric in all respects. Any claim must be put in writing within 14 days of receipt of the fabric/trimming and sent to: Holly@hollyfoxlee.com .




Once our fabrics have been printed they are steamed, washed and dried and inspected for and defects that may have occurred during the process, once it has passed the quality control stage it is carefully packed and despatched to you. We are proud to deliver limited edition fabrics to an extremely high standard, if you have a query about anything regarding the quality of our fabric please do get in touch as soon as possible.


All goods are supplied by us on the condition that our liability for any fault or defect in the quality, condition, description or fitness for any purpose, is limited in amount to a sum not exceeding the purchase price of the particular goods. In no circumstances whatsoever shall the company be liable for indirect or consequential loss or damage.

For any further enquiries regarding Fabric Care and usage please don't hesitate to contact us by email at Hello@Hollyfox-lee.com